The 12 Best Hikes in Switzerland

    With the Swiss Alps, the Aletsch Glacier, and sensational meadows, treking in Switzerland is a buffet of possibilities. Wherever you enter Switzerland, you will hear the mountains calling. Skyscraping peaks surround you, covered by snow and ancient glaciers. All courses result in spellbinding alpine lakes that show challenging tops above.

    Home to practically 40,000 miles of thoroughly prepared routes, enough to circumnavigate the world, Switzerland understands how to put a smile on a hiker’s face. Have your option of high mountain travels or the rolling hills that make you feel small. To influence and get your journey preparing begun here are our preferred walkings in Switzerland.

    Hiking in Switzerland

    Top Switzerland Hikes

    We have actually treked all over the world, however treking in Switzerland was without a doubt among the very best experiences we have actually ever had. From well-marked and set out routes for novice hikers, to the advanced multi-day walkings, Switzerland is a hikers paradise. With the Swiss Alps as your background, we can ensure you will not be dissatisfied.

    Arrived in the winter season? Have a look at our guide to St. Moritz, the birth place of winter season tourist.

    1. Zermatt 5 Lakes Hike

    Zermatt 5 Lakes Hike in Switzerland

    In the southern area of Switzerland, Zermatt is a fantastic beginning point for a variety of remarkable treking routes. You can’t go incorrect with the picturesque 5 Lake Trail if you have time for simply one. The walking integrates all the very best elements of treking in Switzerland, from glacial lakes, alpine meadows, and snowcapped peaks.

    Hiking 5 lakes trail in Zermatt Switzerland

    But as you roam along the 5 Lake Trail, you’ll have the ability to catch the magnificent Matterhorn looming ominously additional afield. It’s the ideal enhance to this walking as you pass a series of stunning high-altitude lakes. Cold, the lakes are fantastic for a swim after you’ve worked up a sweat, while all 3 deal fantastic reflections of the renowned Matterhorn. Prior to reaching Sunnegga Upper Cable Car Station, drop in the Chez Vrony Hut for a reward.

    • Trailhead: Blauherd Cable Car Station
    • Distance: 5.6 miles
    • Difficulty: Easy/Moderate
    • Elevation Gain: 790ft

    2. Maanlichen to Kleinsheidegg

    Hikes in Switzerland Maanlichen to Kleinsheidegg

    Descending through the captivating Jungfrau region is among the very best family-friendly walkings in Switzerland. Starting in Maanlichen, the simple path primarily consists of downhill treking with stunning views of the renowned Lauterbrunnen Valley.

    Beginning at practically 8000ft from Maanlichen, a ridge separating Lauterbrunnen and Grindelwald valleys, take in the vistas of snowcapped mountains as you begin treking down. Flanked by the Wetterhorn and the threatening north wall of Eiger Mountain, enjoy the peaks grow bigger and bigger as you continue to lose elevation.

    Hiking in Switzerland Maanlichen to Kleinsheidegg

    Before showing up in Kleinsheidegg, take a fast detour to Restaurant Grindelwaldblick for a few of the very best views of the day, all while treating yourself to a well-earned banquet. From Kleinsheidegg, you can take the train to Grindelwald or on to Wengen. Anticipate the walking time to be within 2 hours, making it a fantastic alternative for those with young kids. Read more: Things to do in Grindelwald, Switzerland – Complete 4 Day Itinerary

    • Trailhead: Maanlichen Gondola Station
    • Distance: 2.8 miles
    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Elevation Gain: -531 feet

    3. 5 Lakes Hike, Pizol

    Best hikes in Switzerland 5 Lakes Hike Pizol

    We begin our journey into the very best walkings in Switzerland, with one that showcases sensational nature and vistas without being extremely exhausting. The moderate walking starts simply out of Zurich in the alpine lakes around Pizol.

    From the base, your experience starts with a beautiful cable television cars and truck flight to the high alpine area where you’ll come to Pizolhutte (Pizol Hut). Strap on your boots with an instant reach the very first of 5 lakes. The path handles the character of a rollercoaster falling and increasing in between each lake however is never ever anything except jaw-dropping.

    For this factor, it is among the most popular treking routes for professional photographers. The 5 Lakes Hike is available year-round, supplying adequate chance to catch the reflection of towering peaks on the blue-green lakes.

    Because all the lakes are various, you can anticipate a range of fantastic images and views from each one. There is some climbing, you’ll discover more descent than climb. Integrated with the landscapes, it’s simple to see why this trek is one of the finest walkings in Switzerland.

    • Trailhead: Pizolhutte
    • Distance: 6.2 miles
    • Difficulty: Moderate
    • Elevation Gain: 2460ft

    4. Bachalpsee (Lake Balchap)

    Hikes in Switzerland Bachalpsee

    From Grindelwald, you’ll be welcomed with fantastic landscapes of skyrocketing glacial peaks as rugged as they are lovely. From town, you’ll have the satisfaction of seeing all 3 of the Jungfrau, Monch, and Eiger mountains all in one. The previous is the location of among the very best novice walkings in Switzerland.

    Hiking to Bachalpsee in Switzerland

    The walking starts at the base of the Grindelwald First Cable Car Station. The gondola will take you high into the Jungfrau Region for a day trek you will not quickly forget. By avoiding the significant climb, you’ll have fresh legs for when the path starts.

    The basic trek to Lake Balchap will take about an hour, where you’ll have jealous views of the Wetterhorn assessing the sapphire lake. Make certain to bring some products for a picnic as there are numerous benches to unwind on, ideal for lunch with a view.

    If you’re feeling fresh, you can continue for the two-hour big salami to the sensational Burghotel Faulhorn, a mountain station on the top. Read more: The Complete Guide to Grindelwald-First in Switzerland

    • Trailhead: Grindelwald First Cable Car Station
    • Distance: 3.7 miles
    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Elevation Gain: 616ft

    Keen to see what else there is to Grindelwald? Read our guide to the wonderful town.

    5. The Eiger Trail

    Hikes in Switzerland Eiger Trail

    You can witness the huge top of Eiger from much of the leading walkings on this list. It would be remiss of you not to get a direct experience. With a close-up view of the spectacular north wall of Eiger, in addition to jaw-dropping vistas of the valley listed below, the Eiger Trail is among the most satisfying walkings in Switzerland.

    Standing at around 13,000 feet, the mountain welcomes a selection of courageous climbers who want to accomplish climbing up the huge wall. Unlike the rock climb itself, this trek is not one of the most hazardous walkings in the Bernese Alps.

    The eiger Face on the Eiger Trail Switzerland

    The trek starts at elevation, directing you pull back the valley enabling you to catch all the very best views with none of the heart-pounding efforts. Now that seems like a fantastic compromise to me. Read more: Spectacular Switzerland, a Visit to Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe

    • Trailhead: Eigergletscher
    • Distance: 3.7 miles
    • Difficulty: Moderate
    • Elevation Gain: -2330 feet

    6. Gornergrat

    Hiking Switzerland Gornergrat

    The landscapes in Switzerland declines to stop. This trek provides a few of the most extraordinary breathtaking views in the nation. I most likely seem like a damaged record, however with clear views of 20 13,000 feet peaks from a plateau that links to Matterhorn, you get what I’m stating.

    From Zermatt follow the ridge, leading you to a perspective on the Riffelalp plateau. You’ll be confronted with a strong climb, however it’s simple to forget the battle when surrounded by such landscapes. After getting over 3000ft in elevation, you’ll attest to a sensational horizon loaded with renowned peaks.

    From there, you can take the Gornergrat Cog train back to town. For those who enjoy downhill, then yes, you can start at the plateau for a simple walking to Zermatt.

    • Trailhead: Zermatt
    • Distance: 4.4 miles (one method)
    • Difficulty: Moderate/Hard
    • Elevation Gain: 3004ft

    7. Lauterbrunnental Glacial Valley

    Hking the Lauterbrunnen Valley Switzerland

    The Valley with the 72 Waterfalls is house to among the most well-known alpine towns worldwide and a must-do treking path. Lauterbrunnental (Lauterbrunnen Valley) provides a flurry of simple walkings.

    But if you wish to see the leading sights within the valley, then this is the walking for you. Beginner-friendly, get your treking poles, and prepare yourself for a fantastic walking that guides you past lots of gleaming waterfalls on your method from Lauterbrunnen to Stechelberg. With very little slope, the walking takes you previous fairytale Swiss towns, covered by the most fantastic landscapes.

    Many of the waterfalls have facilities establish for visitors, enabling you to take your time delighting in the thunderous toppling water. The walking takes less than 2 hours, providing you a lot of time to travel the side routes on a warm day.

    From Stechelburg, capture a Swiss Postbus back to the start, or reverse for an unforgettable 5-mile journey.

    • Trailhead: Lauterbrunnen
    • Distance: 2.5 miles
    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Elevation Gain: 328ft

    8. The Hardergrat Trail

    Start the Hardergrat Trail Switzerland at Harder Kulm Interlaken

    If you’re like me and absolutely nothing beats ridge treking by alpine flowers and limitless breathtaking views, then put the Hardergrat walking on your Swiss schedule. The marvelous however difficult path brings extraordinary views of Lake Brienz below your feet and the tremendous Bernese Alps in the range.

    With the ridge dropping dramatically to either side, it’s not the very best walking for those with a worry of heights. For 2/3 of the 17-mile journey, you’ll be strolling along the precipice.

    For this factor, sell your leisurely tennis shoes, use treking boots and have the help of treking poles to assist keep your balance along the razor-sharp ridge. Starting at Harder Kulm, begin early to offer yourself a lot of time to capture the last cable television cars and truck from Brienzer Rothorn.

    • Trailhead: Harder Kulm
    • Distance: 16.7 miles
    • Difficulty: Hard
    • Elevation Gain: 9850ft

    9. Aletsch Glacier Panorama Trail

    Best Switzerland Hikes Aletsch Glacier Panorama Trail

    Hiking in Switzerland provides an array of incredible landscapes. The genuine buffet of views can practically be frustrating. Even if you’ve finished some walkings on this list, the Aletsch Glacier path will still leave you with your jaw on the flooring.

    The Aletsch Glacier goes for 14 miles, cutting by a few of the most prominent tops in the Swiss Alps. The large scale of the glacier is difficult to fathom, however fortunately you’ll have a lot of time to cover your mind around it as the path follows the tremendous ice field.

    Beyond the glacier, prepare to be astonished at the 30+ 13,000 feet peaks that tower in every instructions. Quickly you’ll reach a high meadow, Moosfluh, where you can sit and appreciate the vistas now consisting of Blausee Lake.

    • Trailhead: Fiescheralp Cable Car Station
    • Distance: 7.7 miles
    • Difficulty: Moderate/Hard
    • Elevation Gain: 1673ft

    10. Hohbalmen Alpine Meadows

    Hohbalmen Alpine Meadows Zermatt Switzerland

    For your opportunity to live out your “Sound of Music” dreams, then make certain you finish the walking to the Hohbalmen Alpine Meadows. Like a scene out of that well-known film, wander the rich plateau loaded with wildflowers and the north face of Matterhorn. Read more: Incredible Zermatt, Switzerland – 23 Exciting Things to See and Do

    One of the most lovely walkings in Switzerland, the Hohbalmen Alpine Meadows, will make you work for the views. The difficult walking covers 11 miles with an instant sharp climb. The path starts through a forest with the trees rapidly dissipating, giving way for sheep-grazed fields, with views over the town of Zermatt. Quickly pass a waterfall prior to stopping at the alpine dining establishment for a well-earned rest.

    • Trailhead: Zermatt
    • Distance: 11 miles
    • Difficulty: Hard
    • Elevation Gain: 3980ft

    11. Muottas Muragl– Segantini Hütte– Alp Languard Hike

    best hikes in switzerland st moritz

    This timeless walking has to do with a 2 1/2 hour climb and if you are going to do simply one walking in St. Moritz, make it this one. It’s a great difficult walking that is high in areas, however not too hard. It’s the ideal walking for intermediate hikers that will take you to a wonderful lookout at the Segantini Hut.

    The walking starts at the Punt Muragl train station where we took the funicular train as much as Muottas Muagl for the start of our walking. The journey up the funicular is an activity unto itself using lovely views of St. Moritz, the St. Moritz Lake, and the breathtaking views of Upper Engadin from 2,456 m (8,057 feet). Read more: Stunning St. Moritz – Summer fun in Switzerland

    • Trailhead: Punt Muragle Train Station
    • Distance: 4 miles
    • Difficulty: Moderate
    • Elevation Gain: 1270-ft.

    12. Mount Rigi Panorama Trail

    Gazing down at the tremendous Lake Lucerne, the views from the Mount Rigi Panorama Trail are a few of the very best in our list of Switzerland walkings. Rigi has actually long been held in high esteem, being the focus of numerous masterpieces, particularly at dawn and sunset. The reasonably flat nature of the path, as it follows the old Scheidegg Railway, makes it an available walking for wheelchair users and strollers.

    Following the ridgeline in between Rigi First and Rigi Scheidegg, the path showcases blooming meadows, and large lakes covered by craggy mountains. Along the method, you’ll discover benches to value the incredible views with area to expand and set the picnic carpet.

    The length of the walking, being simply over 4 miles, implies you have all the time in the world to understand simply how such a stunning location happened. Show up early for dawn, or remain for golden hour to catch the pink shades bouncing off the fjord-like lake.

    • Trailhead: Rigi Kulm Train Station
    • Distance: 4.3 miles
    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Elevation Gain: 803ft

    13. Via Alpina

    Via Alpina Switzerland Hikes

    There can be no doubt that Switzerland has a few of the most incredible day walkings walking around. If you have a bit more time on your hands, then why not deal with the finest multi-day treking path in the nation?

    The difficult walking isn’t simply a threat to your calves and thighs, it will evaluate your navigational abilities as you cross an extraordinary 14 alpine passes. Covering over 240 miles, the trek is usually finished over 3 weeks. The path begins in Liechtenstein in the east and ends on the seductive coasts of Lake Geneva.

    The highest of the alpine passes, Hohturtli, will put you high in the Bernese Oberland with sensational views prior to a remarkable descent to Oeschinensee Lake. Among the most remarkable parts of the three-week journey is the lake surrounded by snow-capped mountains, its water icy blue thanks to the glacial streams. An extreme wilderness experience, the Via Alpina is not for the faint of heart.

    • Trailhead: Vaduz
    • Distance: 242.3 miles
    • Difficulty: Hard
    • Elevation Gain: ,270- ft. to Alp Languard

    Frequently Asked Questions

    With the very best walkings in Switzerland covered, let’s check out some crucial details.

    When is the very best time to trek in Switzerland?

    Best time to Hike in Switzerland

    Generally, the treking season starts in late spring (May) and runs up until completion of summertime (August). If you travel prematurely in the spring, some routes will be muddy from the snowmelt, however quickly they’ll give way for rich meadows brimming with wildflowers and the odd mountain goat.

    Hiking in Switzerland in the summertime will offer you the complete series of facilities and services, consisting of mountain huts. Thanks to the variety of walkings, particularly moderate to challenging treks, it’s simple to leave the crowds.

    During the fall and winter season, it ends up being much more difficult to trek in Switzerland. A great deal of routes close and accessing the high alpine will need appropriate equipment and experience. Having stated that, choosing a great weather condition window and treking within your restrictions can open a brand-new side to the incredible nation.

    What’s a simple walking to do in Switzerland?

    Easy hiking in Switzerland

    Out of the walkings pointed out above, the Maanlichen to Kleisheidegg and Lauderbrunnental Glacial Valley walkings are the very best simple walkings in Switzerland. Both are family-friendly and the ideal alternative for those with more youthful kids. The downhill and flat nature of the routes implies you will not be investing enormous quantities of energy. Leaving you with time to value the views without any rush to leave the mountain.

    You can access both routes quickly from town by going out of Lauterbrunnen or taking the cable television cars and truck from Maanlichen. With aid within distance in addition to the appeal of the path, you will not require a great deal of alpine experience to endeavor along these routes.

    What’s a tough walking to do in Switzerland?

    Hard Hikes in Switzerland

    The hardest day trek that we’ve pointed out is the Hardergrat. Strolling on a knife’s edge suffices to decrease the speed of a lot of hikers. The prolonged 16.7-mile trek will need a continual effort, particularly if you wish to get to the cable television cars and truck in time. For all its troubles, you can’t reject the path opens up a sensational world of glacial-fed lakes and towering peaks. This will be the trek for you if you desire to challenge yourself.

    If you’re pertaining to Switzerland and have the time to do absolutely nothing however trek, then change your attention to the Via Alpina. The Swiss area of the extraordinary path (the whole path is 3000+ miles long) flaunts the complete breadth of the regional landscapes enabling you to catch everything over 3 weeks on one single path.

    Final Thoughts on the very best Hiking Trails in Switzerland

    Best hiking Trails in Switzerland

    For those who enjoy hiking, Switzerland is a dream. Thanks to simple gain access to, an abundance of useful cable television cars and trucks, wonderful facilities, and, naturally, tremendous glacial-carved peaks, there are couple of much better nations in which to place on your treking boots.

    Hiking in Switzerland can be as difficult or as simple as you desire it to be. The lots of cable television cars and trucks can bring you to the high alpine areas, enabling basic elevation gain as you walk in between divine lakes. Or a simple trek from the top to the base. The well-kept routes frequently make navigation simple and assist flaunt Switzerland’s jealous landscapes for solo tourists, buddies, and household.

    However you pick to approach your time here, the schedule will not be total without a few of the very best walkings in Switzerland.

    With the very best hiking covered, see how to best check out Switzerland with this ultimate road trip guide.

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