These 15 Tricked Out Golf Carts Are Nicer Than Your Car


These souped-up machines are not your average golf carts made for putting around the grass. These tricked out golf carts are the height of luxury and are nicer than most peoples’ cars. Whether you want a tiny vehicle to take off-roading or a futuristic cart that actually hovers above the ground,

these 15 mean looking golf carts are downright impressive.


Photo: source: thesoulrepublic

If you’re afraid your Joker of a friend might cheat you on your next round of Golf put the fear of Batman into him with this cool cart.
Coming in at a whopping 24 thousand dollars this special order cart features an alloy body with fully closing doors to protect from the Riddler’s terrible slice. This beast has six tires, independent suspension and disk brakes, it will get you to your ball, through the woods, and run over grandmothers house without blinking an eye. When you’re out with Gotham’s finest enjoy a drink in its fully leather encased seats with a convenient iPad dock built right in.