Clip Bird Caught Straight-Up Eating An Alligator


Ah, birds. So beautiful, so elegant wait, what is happening?!

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission posted a video on Facebook Thursday that shows a great blue heron eating an alligator.

OK, so it’s a baby alligator, but an alligator nonetheless. And the bird apparently showed no mercy before chowing down.

The great blue heron played with the little gator for at least twenty minutes before killing and swallowing it, photographer Scott Martin, who shot the video, told the FWC.

The FWC noted in the post that great blue herons eat nearly anything within striking distance, which includes fish and insects, as well as reptiles, small mammals, and other birds.

Florida is known for its viral wildlife videos. In January, nature enthusiasts in central Florida spotted and filmed a massive alligator, easily as big as a minivan, trekking across a narrow path in the marsh.

You’d need a pretty big bird to eat that one.

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