When Start Taking Prenatal Vitamins


Pregnancy is an important stage where a pregnant woman must take great care of her body and prepare to support a new human being in her body. A woman should prepare her body for the method of pregnancy before conception.

taking prenatal vitamins

Pre-pregnancy phase

Before pregnancy, a woman may want to prepare her body for it by improving her fertility. Certain nutrients like manganese play a crucial role in improving the fertility of women. Green-lipped mussel extract is also believed to increase the viscosity of the cervical mucus plug in females. Supplements like calcium and magnesium to help muscle relaxation are also very important. Herbal supplements like the Chinese herb Dang Guai which improves blood circulation; and evening primrose oil which rebalances hormones may also be needed at this point. Recommend this Book all information necessaries from the childbirth experts.

Preventive supplementation in the preconception phase.

Some abnormalities are related to the insufficiency of certain specific nutrients in the mother’s body. For example, spina bifida is triggered by a lack of folate or folic acid early in pregnancy. The critical period is between 2 to 4 weeks of gestation. The development of the central nervous system will be adversely affected by a deficiency of folic acid, which could lead to neural tube problems. For this reason, folate supplementation is always advised by the practice of Western medicine, even before pregnancy and throughout the first trimester. This is particularly important because many pregnancies have not been discovered until a later stage of gestation which exceeds the critical duration.

Prenatal enhancement supplements

Improving nutrients and vitamins throughout pregnancy is necessary because a woman’s body needs more protein for fetal development; more iron due to the double amount of blood volume is needed; the extra amount of calcium to support bone development; the adequate amount of long-chain fats like omega-3 and omega-6 for healthy fetal brain development.

Some women may lack these nutrients in their bodies throughout this crucial stage of pregnancy. There are several causes for this. Inadequate nutrients can be caused by an unbalanced diet; stress induces nutrient malabsorption or loss of hunger due to hormonal change.

Throughout pregnancy, the mother’s basic energy needs increase in order to support the development of the baby in her. A woman needs to choose her diet wisely to supplement this increase.

Maternal nutrition before and during pregnancy impacts both the health of the mother and the growth of the infant. It is essential that all women of childbearing age are in good health; well-balanced eating is deceased and supplementing her diet appropriately with taking prenatal vitamins to ensure the healthy development of her vital period fetus.