Best beaches to visit in Milos1

While Mykonos and Santorini tend to take the program, Milos is the must-see beach location for lovers. As having some of the most stunning shorelines in Europe, this Mediterranean gem has an abundant 3,000-year history, first-class food, and limitless possibilities for experience.

Away from the traveler crowds that attack the Greek islands every summertime, Milos provides a look into the genuine culture and pristine charm of this exceptional area.

If you’re aiming to live the excellent life without breaking the bank, this is the location for you. Significantly friendlier than Greece’s better-known islands, Milos is the house of cost effective high-end.

Are you trying to find a location in the sun on the sapphire seas of the Mediterranean? Here is your guide to the very best beaches to go to in Milos.

How to arrive

These are a few of the very best beaches you can get while driving … however personally I would not advise a vehicle, I would select leasing a quad rather.

Greece is popular for its secret coves and beaches that you can just access on foot.

Make sure you do your research study prior to you go as a few of the surface is rather high and take a look at the notifications on where you can park. This will assist you in the long run!

Astakas café-restaurant on Klima beach

Klima Beach

Let’s begin on the west side of the islands with Klima beach. The vibrant seaside houses of this ideal seaside town are a professional photographer’s dream. Famous for its impressive sundowns, this is the ideal location to come in the late afternoon.

Spend time walking amongst the rainbow of beach homes lining the coast, then dine atAstakas coffee shop Make certain you book beforehand so you have a front row seat to view the sun decrease over the sea.

And leave your beach clothing at the hotel! Instead of swimming beaches, Klima is an attractive town ideal for soaking and walking up the charm.

Firopotamos, Milos, Greece


It’s my brand-new preferred location in Greece, and you may acknowledge it from Mamma Mia. Look at this turquoise water!

I might have invested the entire day taking in the atmosphere of this stunning sandy beach.

Traditional fishing town, it’s simple to park a quad or scooter in Firopotamos and after that dive, actually! You can do cliff leaping best outside the church of Agios Nikolaos (which is another location you’ll wish to come by and snap some images).

From the fishing location or Paralia Firopotamos, you can swim to the sandy beach and discover a location on your own.

Planning Tip: Like lots of distant locations in the Greek Islands, there are couple of features close by. Firopotamos does not have any coffee shops or dining establishments, so load a picnic if you wish to remain for a while.

Sarakiniko Beach, Milos, Greece

Sarakiniko Beach

Welcome to Milo’s most popular stretch of coast. As somebody who constantly chases after the summertime sun, I have actually gone to more than my reasonable share of beaches. I can inform you without a doubt that it is among the most stunning beaches on the planet.

If you wish to take images without anybody, go there at dawn or right after. For images of the sea, you can take much better images later on in the day when the sun is greater. I likewise saw some individuals take some excellent images right at sundown. Eventually, it depends upon what design of photography you are trying to find.

When it pertains to relaxing by the sea, there isn’t a great deal of area to extend here. Essentially you are taking a look at a sandy location that can accommodate 10 individuals and everybody is relaxing on the rocks.

With the reflection of the white rocks, it ends up being definitely sultry on breezy days. Bring plenty of sun block if you desire to lie down.

While I would usually state it’s not the very best location for sunbathing, it’s a dream beach.

There is a currentless entryway so it’s ideal and kid-friendly for unwinding in the water. You can likewise swim rather far into the sea from here prior to striking the huge waves.

Need an adrenaline increase? Another excellent area for cliff diving is Sarakiniko Beach! If you get there early you bring a picnic with you or get a bite to consume prior to you go,

There is a food truck that will get here around 10am.

You will discover it at the end of the car park (about 15 minutes from the beach) and it provides a scrumptious choice of regional meals. We had cheese puff pastry, fresh watermelon and water.


Papafragas and Paparodi

While all guides will send you to Papafragas, I discovered Paparodi Shore to be the very best location. There is a stunning beach with an arch, and it is the ideal base for your day in the sun.

Pollonia on Milos Island

I would advise beginning at Paparodi Shore, hanging out for a while on the beach and in the sea, then swimming to Papafragas.

While Papafragas is cool, the entryway appeared a bit questionable. They have a staircase downstairs however it’s locked. You can get in quickly from the water nevertheless, which looks like the very best method to go.


The east coast of the island is rather rugged with practically no roadways. They will make a point of cautioning you not to go when you lease your quad/ scooter.

Although you might hear some Eastern locations discussed, I advise that you overlook them. There is plenty to see without taking the threat of attempting to cross the surface there.

Are you trying to find a picture shoot area? Head to Tsigrado Beach at midday. Get the Sun Chaser or Sunseeker app to discover the ideal time when the light will be straight above the beach if you desire to level up. Simply open Google Maps, point your phone because instructions, and it’ll reveal you when the sun is over your head.

Since Tsigrado Beach lies in between 2 cliffs, depending upon the time of year you will just have about a 4 hour window for the ideal sun. While the beach is difficult to get to and you will require to be arranged to get the best photography conditions, it is well worth it.

Easily among the most stunning beaches I have actually ever seen in my life, Tsigrado Beach is surrounded by caverns with lots of locations to swim. It’s a popular cruising location and it’s simple to see why from the minute you get here.

And, on that note, it’s essential to keep in mind that coming to these beaches is not for the faint of heart. As soon as you leave the car park you will discover 2 ladders to come down into this little cliff side fracture.

Ladders remain in total disrepair with rungs missing out on at every action. There are ropes along the side and you’ll desire to hold that rope the whole method.

Tsigrado Beach

If you look carefully you can see a ladder at the bottom.

Fyriplaka beach Milos Greece

As you descend this ultra-steep cliff, you will leave one ladder and proceed to another. This similarly high 2nd level takes you over loose sand.

The 2nd ladder, in specific, was frightening. It’s practically totally vertical, so you lean over the edge of the cliff and discover that the leading called is missing out on.

I’m 5′ 9 and I was on my back with my butt up as I attempted and held the rope to put my foot to the very first called of the ladder. It was extremely standard and definitely not an activity for any ages.

As you go and come, you will discover 2 unique groups of individuals: horrified residents and travelers attempting to press them around!

Once down, it’s definitely remarkable. The beach is stunning with numerous caverns to check out and water developed for swimming.

Don’t like to hang from cliffs? You can lease a kayak at Fyriplaka beach and travel by sea. It is a a lot more available beach and an ideal base for the day. You can unwind in Fyriplaka, travel to Tsigrado by boat, and after that return.

Fyriplaka Beach

This easy-access sandy beach is a must-see. It’s ideal for kids, and it’s an excellent sunset location.

You will discover a parking area best beside the coast and there are no high cliffs to climb up. As soon as there, you will discover lots of choices for leasing water sports devices along with beach chairs. You can get some treats and beverages from the beach coffee shop bar when you are all set for a bite to consume.Quick guide to the best Greek islands to visit!

Source link Sirocco volcanic dining establishment open throughout the day beside Paralia Paleochori(*) Paralia Paleochori(*) Paralia Paleochori is another stunning put on the coast where you can invest the entire day. It was the most southeastern beach we got to and we simply made it there for supper. If we had actually had more time, it would have been a charming location to get here in the early afternoon and then remain till supper.(*) It is a calm beach with a sandy coast and lots of things to do. There are covered beach chairs for hire, so if you're feeling enthusiastic, you can work with sports devices and boats.(*) Right beside the Sirocco volcano you'll discover an all-day dining establishment so you can get here for lunch and after that remain till supper and beyond.(*) Thinking of going on an island hopping trip? Continue reading with my (*).