It’s been a wild week for Instagram and Pornhub, the popular adult entertainment streaming service. On Monday, Instagram accidentally reinstated Pornhub’s account after it had been banned for months.

The reinstatement was first noticed by Pornhub’s Vice President, Corey Price, who tweeted, “We’re back on Instagram! Thanks for the reinstatement.”

The news was met with surprise and confusion from both Instagram and Pornhub users. It’s unclear how exactly the account was reinstated, but it appears to have been an administrative error.

The account had been banned in October 2020, when Instagram removed it due to “violations of our Community Guidelines.” Pornhub had been posting explicit content, which is against Instagram’s policies.

The account’s reinstatement was quickly reversed after it was noticed, but it raises questions about how Instagram is moderating content. It’s unclear how the account was reinstated in the first place, and it’s possible that similar errors could occur in the future.

It’s also unclear what this means for Pornhub’s other social media accounts. Instagram is one of the most popular platforms, and it’s not clear if Pornhub will be able to regain access or if they’ll have to look elsewhere for their social media presence.

For now, Pornhub’s Instagram account remains banned, but the incident raises questions about how Instagram is moderating content and how it handles reinstatement requests. It also serves as a reminder that mistakes can happen, even with the most popular platforms.

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