Are you aware of your monthly subscription spending? According to this study, Americans spend an average of $219 each month on subscription services. Surprisingly, consumers underestimated their monthly subscription spending by $133, or 2.5 times more than their initial estimate. Additionally, subscriber data shows that Millennials have an average of 17 paid media and entertainment subscriptions. To help you manage your subscriptions and avoid unnecessary spending, let’s look at how to cancel different categories of subscriptions.

#1 Smartphone/Device Subscriptions
It’s easy to forget about subscriptions made through phone apps. To cancel these subscriptions, Android users can open the Play Store and go to the ‘Menu’ (icon with 3 horizontal lines). From there, select ‘Subscriptions’ to see a list of all the services you pay for. Apple users can open ‘Settings’ and choose their name to land on ‘iTunes & App Store’. Tap your “Apple ID” link, followed by “View Apple ID,” then “Subscriptions.” From this screen, open the subscription in question and press “Cancel subscription”.

#2 Use subscription tracking tools
These are online apps and tools that track your financial spending in real time. Some popular subscription tracking tools include rocket money, Truebill, Accompaniement, and Empower.

#3 Popular Online Sites
If you’re looking to cancel a subscription from a specific online site, here are some instructions. To cancel an OnlyFans subscription, open your account and turn off auto-renewal. You can also email support to cancel the subscription from their side. To cancel a ProBiller subscription, call ProBiller Customer Support and request a chat with a customer service agent. Provide the agent with information about the account and the particular service you wish to unsubscribe from. To cancel a CashApp subscription, iPhone and iPad users can go to app settings and click on their name. Android users can go to Google Playstore, tap the menu, followed by “Subscriptions”, select the “Cashapp subscription” to cancel, then click “cancel subscription”.

#4 Email Subscriptions and Manuals
Not all subscriptions come from app stores. Search your emails for all subscriptions and cancel subscriptions by emailing service providers. If that proves elusive, skim through your bank statements going back 12 months. Be careful of regular subscriptions that you have forgotten or are fraudulent. Cancel them via the corresponding websites or by sending an e-mail to the respective companies.

Is there an easier way to cancel subscriptions? Yes, use online tools and apps to monitor and cancel unwanted subscriptions. This is a much simpler approach to eliminating fraudulent and unwanted subscriptions.

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