For many travelers, the world is a magnificent place full of wonder at every turn. With every adventure to international cities, we learn something new about ourselves, the human condition, and how we see ourselves through the lens of other cultures. However, for all of the great international cities we experience, there are also many very dangerous destinations that may not welcome foreign travelers.

The dangers go beyond petty taxi cab scams and pickpocket theft. In some international cities, armed gangs are much more brazen in their attacks, specifically targeting western travelers. As a result, travelers may be assaulted, attacked, and injured in the name of terrorism, robbery, or other motives.

Some locations are more dangerous than others – especially for travelers who like to go alone. Those who are planning a solo trip to these five cities should consider their plans carefully, or purchase a strong travel insurance policy.

Here Let see….

1Bogota, Colombia

The vibrant and historic capital of Colombia, Bogota is an industrial international city located in the heart of the nation.

Known for producing some of the world’s finest coffee and beautiful flowers, thousands of Americans visit Bogota and rural Colombia every year for cultural studies, volunteer work, and tourism. However, many who make plans to see this destination may not understand that it is also one of the most dangerous destinations for western travelers.

Terrorist organizations, drug cartels, and armed street gangs all have a significant and visible presence across Colombia, especially in Bogota. According to the State Department, American visitors are often considered easy targets for crime. Furthermore, officials warn that the threat of kidnapping remains high, even though the rate of kidnappings has decreased over the last 15 years.

While traveling to Bogota can be a rewarding experience, it also comes with a high level of risk. Those planning to visit should make sure they have a safety plan in place, and make sure they keep a contingency kit in the event of an emergency.