Online shopping has seen a significant increase amidst the pandemic, and although it has declined, levels remain at record highs. In Q4 of 2022, US retail e-commerce sales reached $262.0 billion as per SupplyGem. NPR reports that 78% of shoppers prefer online shopping to avoid queues.

One reason for the ease of online shopping is that it does not feel like real money is being spent. Consumers have also taken advantage of “buy now, pay later” apps, leading to record debt for Americans, with BNPL loans expected to exceed $90 billion by 2023.

To minimize credit card spending and purchases, it is recommended to stop saving credit card information, avoid online pressure tactics, and organize and budget for online purchases. Budgeting specifically for online shopping sets limits and ensures you do not spend money you do not have, leading to extra funds and avoiding debt.

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