Do companies like TMobile check your credit score when you request wireless phone service? Yes, TMobile does a credit check if you sign up for a postpaid plan. However, they also offer several prepaid plans that don’t require a credit score check, making it a great option for people with bad credit or no credit.

What kind of credit check does TMobile use? TMobile is well-known for its range of services and plans and they run a rigorous credit check if you choose to sign up for a postpaid plan. This type of credit check can reduce your credit score by several points and can stay in your history for up to two years.

Which credit bureau does TMobile use for credit checks? TMobile is known to use TransUnion for their credit checks, although they may also use multiple credit bureaus or even switch to another in the future.

Why does TMobile run a credit check? TMobile performs credit checks on its customers to make sure they have paid their bills on time in the past and to determine what kind of down payment or security deposit is required if they decide to rent a phone.

What is the minimum credit score required at TMobile? TMobile does not have a specific threshold for its contracted factories, but if your credit score is below 550 or 600, you may not be eligible for all postpaid plans.

Do existing TMobile customers undergo credit checks? TMobile stopped performing credit checks on its existing customers in 2015, so if you renew your contract with the company, you don’t have to worry about a credit check.

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