10 places to visit in Japan, not Tokyo

Japan is various from anywhere else on earth that you have actually ever been. Of robot restaurants with rainbow spaghetti at the tranquil peaks of Mount Fiji, it’s a nation that appears to include numerous worlds within its own borders.

While I definitely love Tokyo and I would state this is a necessary addition to everybody’s list, simply among numerous alternatives. Why not invest a week checking out Tokyo (here’s how to make the most of it), then pick a variety of excursion and side towns?

Ready to prepare your dream journey to Japan? Here are 10 locations to check out in Japan (which are not Tokyo).



A world far from the bustle of Tokyo, you will discover the serenity of Kyoto. Surrounded by natural appeal, things move more gradually here.

The more unwinded speed of life, the focus on the arts, and the wide variety of temples that dot the landscape make it the best location to experience genuine Japanese culture.

Start preparing with my three day guide to Kyoto for a memorable experience.


Despite being the 2nd biggest city in Japan, Osaka is typically ignored in favor of more touristy areas like Tokyo and Kyoto. If you’re a food lover, nevertheless, you’ll be seriously losing out on avoiding this cooking capital.

World-class meals like takoyaki and okonomiyaki come from Osaka, and you will discover a few of the very best chefs on earth on these streets. Check out a few of the best local foodies (which you may not have heard of) and consume your method around town.

Between meals, check out Universal Studios Japan and go on excursion around Kyoto and Nara. For a more extensive take a look at the culture, get a local perspective on life here.


The northern island of Hokkaido is a world far from the bustle of Tokyo. Famous for its snow-covered ski slopes and regional beer, Hokkaido will offer you a taste of another side of Japan.

The finest time to check out Sapporo is throughout the Sapporo Snow Festival. For 7 days in February, you will discover a dynamic environment and a few of the most remarkable ice sculptures you have actually ever seen in your life.

Planning Tip: It’s necessary to consider the very best season for your itinerary prior to you go. To confirm Best time to travel to Japan to discover the best weather condition, cost and alternatives for your journey.


Which is the most stunning city in Japan: Kyoto or Nara? It’s a hard option! The stunning shrines and rich gardens and temples of Nara are a few of the most stunning cities on earth.

Nara is a simple excursion from Kyoto and Osaka. With such an excellent range of picture-perfect communities, nevertheless, it’s worth preparing a vacation here if you can.

Hiroshima Japan


For global tourists, the previous typically eclipses the truth of modern-day life in Hiroshima. While the Peace Memorial Park and Museum are definitely must-see sees, this city is a lot more than WWII.

Miyajima Island is a dream treking location situated less than an hour from the center of town, and it is among the many travelling areas. Bring your electronic camera and treking boots!

Once you’ve developed a hunger, sample the fresh oysters and other cooking thrills that Hiroshima is most costly for.

Want to whet your hunger prior to striking the roadway? You need to attempt my secret miso ramen recipe.


You may acknowledge this city from motion pictures like The Last Samurai.

The finest maintained and most amazing of the feudal castles still standing, Himeji Castle alone deserves a check out. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is thought about a nationwide treasure and it is checked out by travelers and residents.

Himeji is a best excursion from Osaka and Kyoto, and you can see the core of tourist attractions, like Himeji Castle, Shoshazan Engyo-ji Temple, and Kokoen Garden, all in one day.

Nagasaki Japan


From the 16th to the 19th century, Nagasaki was the only port in Japan open to foreign trade. This left an indelible mark on the landscape, both culturally and architecturally, on the city.

Nagasaki is a melting pot of Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese, Dutch and British influences.

From the colorful temples of Chinatown to the Catholic churches of European neighborhoods, you can see and feel the layered past of this vibrant city. And, oh, this fusion cuisine!


Along the famous Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Road you will find Toyama. Located by the Sea of ​​Japan, this city has been recognized by UNESCO for having one of the most beautiful bays in the world.

From incredible seafood to panoramic views of the Japanese Alps, it’s worth exploring the historic Old Town and beyond when you start on the Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Road.


As you travel between Tokyo and Kyoto (two of my favorite cities in the country!), Stop at Takayama. Stay in a traditional inn, a ryokan, and sleep on a traditional carpet.

Like a guest room, it’s the kind of place where guests come down in kimono, sit down at the table, and chat with the owner.

Get to know the friendly locals, then explore the traditional downtown area and the area’s charming temples.

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