Alcohol does not become sugar. Is Alcohol Keto Friendly?

Contains carbs:

• Beer

• Wine

• Mixed beverages

• Chillers

Has no carbohydrates:

• Whiskey

• Vodka

• Brandies

• Tequila

• Dry Martini

Alcohol consists of 7 calories per gram, while carbs consist of 4 calories per gram.

Those calories need to go someplace. Regardless of the reality that it does not become sugar or raise insulin levels, the calories from alcohol will become fat. Within a minute, it’s currently in your blood stream and as much as your brain.

Alcohol goes to the liver, where the liver sees it as a contaminant, so it focuses on fats, proteins, and carbs.

In the liver, you have an enzyme that breaks down alcohol into an extremely poisonous chemical, acetaldehyde.

Even in little concentrations, this chemical has the capability to trigger considerable damage to your body.

This chemical can produce:

• Fibrosis

• Inflammation

• Foie gras

• Oxidation

This will absolutely stop fat loss since there are calories offered to be utilized as energy and transformed into fat.

For your body to procedure alcohol, it requires particular nutrients. The more alcohol you consume, the more you diminish these nutrients.

Alcohol diminishes:

• Vitamins B1 and B12

• Folate

• Zinc

• Vitamins D and A

• And more

Realize what your body requires to do to eliminate that alcohol. If you’re going to consume, attempt to consume percentages and ensure your diet is very healthy, filled with phytonutrients, to counter the issues, negative effects, and dietary shortages that alcohol can produce.

This message was condensed from Dr. Berg’s video, Will carb-free alcohol stop ketosis?

Dr. Berg is a chiropractic practitioner focusing on healthy ketosis and periodic fasting. He is the author of the very popular The Healthy Keto Plan and is the director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals. He no longer practices, however concentrates on health education through social networks. He taught trainee nutrition as an accessory teacher at Howard University.

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