After following the keto diet for over a year, I began to establish a snacking routine that led to me consuming 6 times a day (consisting of 2 in some cases 3 treats). It resulted in weight loss and reaching my objective weight and even some more weight loss, however the quantity of food might be less in my viewpoint. This is where I discovered something called OMAD, this design of diet limitations you to one meal a day in which you need to consume all of your everyday macros. The favorable side of this is that the majority of the time you can’t consume all your calories in one meal (normally as much as 1200/1500 daily), which results in weight loss and less yearnings.
Here is how I experienced OMAD on Keto:

Day 1 – Start
The very first day was a Friday, a regular working day. I began in the early morning as the last thing I consumed was around 6pm the night prior to. Consuming adequate water and coffee assisted a lot, my stomach began grumbling around 3pm however that was rapidly over with drinking coffee and water. When my OMAD hour began and consumed a fantastic meal with all my

nutrients and a bowl of yogurt later on, I was starving around 6pm.
Day 2 – Feel much better

In the early morning I still felt quite packed, not puffed up though, up until late afternoon. I felt a couple of more yearnings however took care of them by consuming water and coffee due to the fact that it was a rest day for me. Around supper time, I was extremely starving and consumed the entire meal to feel complete once again.
Day 3 – Extreme bloating

I felt fantastic all the time, absorbing salts and water while sunbathing and swimming. It was a best day for swimming so we went on a boat journey, I consumed a quite huge pokebowl with lettuce rather of rice that made me exceptionally puffed up and had concerns intestinal tracts 2 hours later on. Consuming water with lemon and ginger reduced the bloating, however it didn’t entirely disappear.
Day 4- Feeling Clear

The psychological clearness has actually overwhelmed me and I feel fantastic, exercising, consuming enough and later on in the day not being starving at supper time. The bloating disappeared in the early morning and didn’t return after supper tonight, which I was actually pleased about.
Day 5 – Coffee assists

A light day at work resulted in psychological clearness and I felt rather pleased, consuming coffee when I was starving assisted me and got me through the day. I felt starving at supper time, this might be due to the fact that it was a quite difficult day psychologically.
Day 6- Sick, lightheadedness

The day began well, however after doing some manual labor, I began feeling woozy. Consuming water and breathing fresh air didn’t assist either, so I went house ill. After consuming entire yogurt nuts and eggs, I felt much better and dropped off to sleep a bit. I utilized ketostix to see what was actually going on and it informed me there was a specific quantity of ketones in my body even after consuming, around 2mmol/L. This is a percentage as the minimum quantity is 0.5 and the greatest determined quantity might be 16 mmol/L. keto So in my viewpoint fasting (like OMAD) can be done on keto however reasonably by avoiding meals if you do not seem like you require to consume. The OMAD fasting approach made me feel less starving throughout the day, however the unfavorable result on the 6th day made me stop this fasting approach. I’ve discovered that it’s necessary to listen to your body and feed it when you yearn for food, do not keep snacking (even

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