Silicon is the 2nd most plentiful component in the world (oxygen is the very first). It exists as silicon dioxide, typical sand and numerous kinds of quartz crystals. There is no main suggestion for just how much silicon an individual requires in their diet, and it is common, so it is extremely tough to accomplish a genuinely lacking state of it that can be acknowledged by researchers. It’s simple to take silicon for approved, till you see what ideal levels of silicon can do for you.

( Nomenclature: Silicon is the name of the component, which happens as silica (silicon plus oxygen) in nature. The body takes in silica, not silicon from food.

When infants are born, they have high levels of silicon in their bodies – in their skin, connective tissues and bones. Kids take in silica from food more quickly than grownups.

As we age, unless we renew our shops of silicon, we end up being diminished. Our skin loses around 30% of its silicon as we age. Teens have about 4 times more silicon in their aorta than grownups. In general, silicon material throughout the body is reducing by about 1% each year, so it actually accumulates over a couple of years.

What does silicon perform in the body?

As Felix Corraliza stated in our webinar “How Silicon Benefits You”, silicon is very important for our bones, skin, joints, heart, body immune system and even our brain.

Silicon makes our bones more flexible, denser and more powerful. Silicon works as a driver for the absorption of other minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus. It can lead to sped up bone mineral loss if an individual increases calcium consumption without silica.

In our skin, silicon assists produce collagen and assists connective tissues keep wetness. It assists preserve a vibrant look.

Our tendons and ligaments are comprised of strong types of collagen. Cartilage cushions our joints, while a reduction in collagen can result in discomfort and injury from easy everyday motions and an increased threat of injury when playing sports.

Silicon can even assist our brain by eliminating aluminum from our body and brain 1 Silica integrates with aluminum, which might avoid it from being soaked up through the intestinal system. It can likewise integrate with aluminum plates on the nerve endings so that the nerves fire more effectively.

Our lymph nodes likewise consist of a great deal of silicon, as it is associated with making antibodies versus infections and foreign proteins.

So, silicon has numerous functions in our body and we have more powerful bones, much healthier joints, vibrant skin and even much better hair texture.

Where to get silicon from food?

Only a couple of studies of food sources of silicon have actually been done, among the most current in the USA being released in 1991. A UK database was released in 2005 and a few of the intriguing food worths are revealed here in table 1.

It has actually been approximated that in the USA the everyday consumption of silicon is in between 20 and 50 mg each day. Individuals who consume great deals of animal foods and improved grains would be on the low end of the scale, while individuals who consume entire foods, plant-based diet plans would likely be off the scale. top of the line. Fans of the Hallelujah diet would likewise be off the luxury, however it’s tough to determine due to missing out on worths for numerous foods. Oats, dates, wild rice, green beans, cucumbers and blended salads appear like terrific sources of silicon. Consuming water, if not demineralized, can likewise be a substantial source of silicon due to the big quantities taken in. Including HydroBoost to your cleansed water will increase your silicon consumption and becomes part of Dr. Willard’s Catalyst.

Table 1. Silicon material in typical UK foods. 2

Thus, a diet abundant in plants is abundant in silicon. Absorption from numerous sources can differ significantly. Little monomeric silicas (with just one silicon atom present) are much better soaked up. Numerous foods consist of silica polymers which are far more tough to break down and utilize successfully. One research study discovered that the general absorption of silica from a meal was 40 ± 36% 3 Silica in grains was around 49 ± 34% soaked up, silica in veggies and fruits was around 21 ± 29% soaked up, and silica in drinking water was around 50-86% soaked up. Bananas are understood to be high in silica, however duplicated tests reveal that the absorption of silica from bananas is less than 5%. Absorption in between various individuals differs extremely (for this reason the broad plus/minus varies mentioned above), potentially due to their private microbiome and general gut health., a skin, joint or bone injury, or if you have actually merely been getting up for several years, you might wish to think about supplementing with silicon. It is among those minerals that will assist you remain young longer. A British research study compared the absorption of silicon from 8 various sources, displayed in the figure listed below. 4 Alcohol-free beer and MMST (monomethyl silanetriol) were well soaked up at 60 and 64% of their dosages, respectively. Green beans were likewise exceptional, at 44% absorption and ortho silicic acid (OSA) at 43%. Choline-stabilized silicic acid (ChOSA) was 17% soaked up and just 4% of the silica in bananas was soaked up. MMST is the kind of silica discovered in Hallelujah Diet Collagen Booster dietary supplement. We have actually investigated the very best kind of silica to bring you the very best item to develop ideal health. This MMST is the very same kind of silica discovered in the popular liquid item called Living Silica. In addition, we have actually included other active ingredients, such as ceramide-pcd which likewise assists keep skin wetness and enhance skin roughness. The active ingredients L-lysine, L-proline, vitamin, magnesium and zinc C (from camu camu) are likewise consisted of due to the fact that they assist produce collagen. You might have taken silicon for approved, however now you understand another advantage of following the Hallelujah Diet– silicon. It’s part of how the Hallelujah Diet assists you remain young, feel stimulated, and prevent injury. God is excellent! Really, it fills our mouths with advantages, so that our strength restores itself like the eagles. Figure 1. Silicon absorption from 8 various sources. (OSA = ortho silicic acid, ChOSA = choline supported ortho silicic acid, Magnesium trisilicate BP = a British Pharmacopoeia antacid, MMST = monomethyl silanetriol.)

References[1]– Jones K, Linhart C, Hawkins C, Exley C. Urinary excretion of aluminum and silicon in secondary progressive several sclerosis. EBioMedicine. 2017 Dec; 26:60 -67. doi: 10.1016/ j.ebiom.2017.10.028. Epub 1 Nov 2017. PMID: 29128442; PMCID: PMC5832610.[2]– Powell JJ, McNaughton SA, Jugdaohsingh R, Anderson SH, Dear J, Khot F, Mowatt L, Gleason KL, Sykes M, Thompson RP, Bolton-Smith C, Hodson MJ. A provisionary database for the silicon material of foods in the UK. Br J Nutr. 2005 Nov; 94( 5 ):804 -12. doi: 10.1079/ bjn20051542. PMID: 16277785.[3]– Jugdaohsingh R, Anderson SH, Tucker KL, Elliott H, Kiel DP, Thompson RP, Powell JJ. Supply and absorption of dietary silicon. Am J Clin Nutr. 2002 May; 75( 5 ):887 -93. doi: 10.1093/ ajcn/75.5.887. PMID: 11976163.[4]– Sripanyakorn S, Jugdaohsingh R, Dissayabutr W, Anderson SH, Thompson RP, Powell JJ. The relative absorption of silicon from dietary supplements and various foods. Br J Nutr. 2009 Sep; 102( 6 ):825 -34. doi: 10.1017/ S0007114509311757. Released online April 9, 2009. PMID: 19356271; PMCID: PMC2744664.

Food Mg Silicon/ 100 g
entire grain bread 4.78
Swiss muesli 5.59
Oat porridge, dry 11:39
Rice, brown, boiled 3.76
Bran 10.98
Apple, raw 0.21
Lawyer, charges 0.64
Banana, raw 4.77
Ripe, raw 0.23
Dried dates 16.61
Grapefruit, raw 0.40
Grapes, red and green 0.49
Mango, fresh, raw, velvety 3.15
Peaches, raw 0.64
Pineapple, raw 3.93
Strawberries, raw 0.99
Black-eyed beans, boiled 1.15
Hummus 0.97
Lentils, green and brown, boiled 1.95
Lentils, red, boiled 4.42
Kidney beans, boiled 1.14
Green beans, fresh, boiled 8.73
Broccoli, green, boiled 0.78
Cabbage, white, raw 0.53
Carrots, fresh, raw 0.10
Celery, raw 0.29
Cucumber, raw 2.53
Peas, frozen, boiled 1.75
Peppers, red, raw 0.22
Potato, fresh, peeled, boiled 0.34
Salad, blended leaves, fresh, raw 1.76
Sweet potato, peeled, boiled 0.27
Brazil nut 0.28
Cashews, roasted 0.60
Tahini 1.99
Water, mineral, non-English, gleaming 0.70 (2.48 for 12 ounces)
Water, mineral/spring water, gleaming 0.39 (1.38 for 12 ounces)
Spring, mineral or water, still 0.54 (1.92 for 12 ounces)

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