10 Things Only Owners SHIBA INU knows


Many have seen this dog but some are not aware of what breed they are or what their like is household pets. The Shiba inus are very popular dog many on the internet, originated in Japan. This very cute dog was all over the Internet starting from 2013 up to this day, but their fact like appearance combined with their fluffy coat. This breed will surely melt everyone's heart not only do they have adorable appearances but the shiba inu has a lot more to offer if you're wondering what it feels like to have a shiba inu in your house. Then you've come to the right place, because we're going to talk about the 10 things only shiba inu dog owners know.

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The Shiba Inu personality is similar to a cat

Shiba Inus are known to be quiet independent and bold like a cat, they can be stubborn at times and tend to do things their own way. While it's common for other dogs to stay next to their owners. Shiba Inu is can actually sleep comfortably in a separate room or on their own it's natural for them to be aloof, but it doesn't mean they don't care about you. You may also find them sunbathing inside or outside the house where they can find a sunny spot, it's just something they love to do. Although they do shed a lot this breed, spends a lot of time grilling themselves. You won't have a lot of grooming other than regular brushing. Truly a Shiba Inu feels much like owning a cat as well.


You'll often get stabbed by strangers having a Shiba Inu beside you while walking in the park

Get stabbed by random people dancing out about you, but the fluff dog here with their appearance is similar to a fox and most people literally pause. Whatever, they're doing to check out this beautiful breed. They aren't large, with a height that's just about 15 inches and weight of 17 to 23 pounds. The shiba inu has a well-built body, a shiny overcoat, and a thick undercoat that keeps him comfortable during cold weather. Getting asked this same thing over and over again, about what breed your dog is it, can get tiring, but it's good to know that, these people appreciate your dog.


Shiba Inu is common in other colors too

For sure the most popular color of this breed is the reddish-brown on top with cream markings underneath. But do you know that they actually come in many colors aside from the deep red coat. Shiba Inu's can also be black and tan a combination of red and white with black-tipped fur sesame and cream. Although, the cream one is common some readers and organizations consider it as a fault, including the American Kennel Club.


Shiba Inu shed a lot while it's common for all dogs to shed

Does Shiba Inu takes it to a whole new level. They blow their cloth twice a year, particularly in spring and fall, but it feels much longer due to the volume of hair that they shed as well as the duration of the shedding season to somehow combat this extreme shedding. They only give them regular brush-outs, you might need to invest in a good vacuum, as well wearing dark clothes all inside the house. Might not be ideal since you can see all the first striking out of your clothes.

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Get ready to hear this Shiba Inu scream

Ever heard of the high pitched? Shiba scream, it's the sound Shiba Inus make, when they're unhappy with something goes when they are extremely happy, or when they're playing with other dogs. The Shiba scream is like a whale, that let you know what they feel like a drama queen, you'll mostly hear the Shiba screen during bath time, hail clipping, and vet visits but other than this occasional scream. Shiba Inus are quiet dogs they don't yet her bark a lot compared to other dog breeds.


Shiba Inus are very loyal dogs

For Shiba Inu to open up to a person, the person must need to earn their trust first. If you own one of these dogs and if already earned their trust, expect them to be loyal to you at all cost but having trust as a factor to earn their loyalty. This breed might not do well with strangers, they tend to be aloof and reserved towards them, and it will take some time from minutes to a few visits for these dogs to actually get comfortable with the person. Therefore, if you have a friend that badly wants to pay your Shiba Inu, let them know that, it's natural for your dog to be wary at first, but he'll eventually open up later on as long as they get his trust.


Shiba Inus are easy to house train

While house training can be challenging for other dogs surprisingly. It's an easy task for shiba inus, maybe part of it is because they're clean dogs, and they don't want to see mess in their homes. They won't go potty inside your house and would prefer going outside to urinate or poop, because of this, make sure that there is space for them outside where they could go patty as well as a door. Where they can go in and out of the house, just keep in mind that, the area is securely fenced and there's no way for them to roam around the neighborhood without your guidance.

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Shiba snuggles come from time to time

We now know that this breed is not the cuddliest talk out there, but despite that, they still sometimes crave for your attention while there are less needy of your affection. When is shiba inu goes near you and signals a cuddle, then it must be time to give them one, it's a very precious thing that does not come all day long, so make sure to get the most out of it.


Shiba Inu's do not know when to stop

This breed loves to run, and they would not know when to stop. For this reason their owner must be proactive and vigilant, don't let them run without a leash. Always make sure that the doors are closed, if they'll be left unsupervised, and make sure that your backyard is securely fenced, there is no finish line for this breed they'll keep on running if they get an opportunity, and although they are easy to train. Not even, a training can stop this characteristic of them, therefore, you must raise them to be a well-rounded dog for proper training and early socialization.


Shiba inus are easy to train

Shiba Inu's are smart dogs, that aside from house training, they can also pretty much learn anything quickly like a cat. While they know, what the commands are sometimes they opt not to listen while they can be stubborn using positive. Reinforcement techniques to train them such as food rewards praises and pants will be helpful for them to listen to you. Just make sure to start while they're still young and be consistent patient, and keep training short but sweet.

Look at! my airplane ears v*v


We'll give you one more fun fact about this dog, aside from the Shiba scream another way for the Shiba Inu to express joy is by showing their airplane ears. It's a unique characteristic that not all dogs could do. Although the airplane or flattened ears can sometimes be a sign of fear most of the time an airplane, here combined with a goofy grin.

He's one of the things you could see on a happy Shiba Inu.

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