Good oxygen levels in your blood indicate that whatever is working well in your system. You require to preserve in between 95 and 100 percent oxygen saturation in your blood, however many individuals are on the low end of that scale, or perhaps lower. After the Hallelujah Diet, you are currently consuming a big quantity of oxygen-rich foods. In this post, you can check out various methods to increase your blood oxygen levels, in addition to details on oxygen-rich foods, which frequently overlaps with foods abundant in anti-oxidants.

What you do not require is pricey supplements. Much of the supplements we suggest for health work methodically on your body. They assist increase your blood oxygen level and assist your heart, gastrointestinal system and mind. We concentrate on things that will assist your entire body, not simply a little spot. Attempt a few of these amazing concepts:

  1. Sing and laugh.

Frankly, I can’t bring a tune in a pail, however I frequently sing. It likewise frequently makes me laugh. Some research studies reveal that singing and chuckling aid open your lungs, enabling more air to reach the much deeper parts. This assists expose more air and oxygen to your blood, producing excellent oxygen levels in your blood. It likewise helps in reducing illness, clears stagnant mucous and provides you more energy.

  1. Play frequently.

Doing activities you take pleasure in and playing frequently can be camouflaged as workouts. Moving, increasing your heart rate, and breathing more difficult than typical aid get more oxygen into your blood. They likewise assist you reduce weight, minimize illness and take pleasure in life. Pick activities where the workout is not an exercise, however something you take pleasure in. That method it develops a much better regular, something you actually wish to do which develops the laughter that is so crucial in our lives.

  1. Choose the ideal supplement.

These supplements are particularly for excellent blood oxygen levels and those that assist your body be healthy.


This enzyme primarily assists the heart. It assists to support the rhythm, develop excellent strong contraction, lower high blood pressure, support cholesterol and make your blood effective. You may be CoQ10 lacking if you’re coming to the Hallelujah Diet since you desire to conquer health problems. A lot of way of life illness, consisting of diabetes, heart problem, cancer, and autoimmune problems, diminish the body of CoQ10. Your blood oxygen enhances when you have a healthy heart.

The iron

Iron is bound by the hemoglobin part of our blood, and hemoglobin brings oxygen around our body. Among the most typical reasons for low oxygen levels in our blood is alow iron Individuals with anemia or low blood iron levels tend to be tired. If your blood iron levels are low, a quality iron supplement can assist. Ladies, more than guys, tend to have low blood iron levels due to menstruation. Take care with iron supplements, as it can trigger irregularity and other gastrointestinal problems. People battling cancer should also avoid iron supplements and deal with anemia with food whenever possible.


For the many part, individuals on a vegetable-based diet, such as the Hallelujah Diet, seldom require any supplements from the B vitamin classification, with the exception of vitamin B12. Nearly all sources of natural vitamin B12, with the exception of some unheated purple Nori seaweed, originated from animal items. Quality supplements might utilize artificially obtained vitamin B12 to supplement levels.

Why is this crucial? B12 assists develop hemoglobin and promotes iron usage. Folate, B9, is another of the B-complex vitamins that assists develop hemoglobin and red cell. Taking a B12-B6-folate supplement will assist offer you with these 2 vitamins and fill out the spaces of these crucial B vitamins.

  1. Meditation and prayer

Praying as a family over several generations

Meditation and prayer follow the very same concept of silencing the mind and focusing your attention. Typically, mantras and prayers were spoken aloud in the kind of chants. Some research studies of older prayers reveal that this particular kind of shouting opened the lungs, developed deep breaths, and enhanced the blood with oxygen and nutrients. State your prayers. Many individuals have actually begun hoping quietly, however you will improve health take advantage of stating your prayers aloud.


When you begin following the Hallelujah Diet, you are currently executing lots of methods that will increase your blood oxygen levels. You can take a look at more pointers in this post. A great healthy diet will increase your nutrients to construct excellent healthy blood; you will begin working out, which will increase your lung capability and enhance your health; and you will start to feel at peace with yourself through prayer and way of life practices that will bring you closer to God. Okay for a diet, huh?

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