What is periodic fasting? Many people consume within a 6 hour window and quickly for 18 hours. It is by consuming 2 meals. No treats.

If you are presently on a Standard American Diet and have actually simply begun periodic fasting, you are most likely going to lose in between 7 and 15 pounds for the very first week. This occurs on practically any diet that minimizes carbs.

Why? Since you are going to lose a great deal of water weight. Where does the weight of the water originate from? It originates from glucose kept as glycogen. If it is kept as glycogen, there are 3 to 3.8 grams of water in every gram of glucose. Glycogen resembles a sponge filled with liquid.

When you quickly, you diminish glycogen in your liver rather rapidly, which launches a great deal of water. The water kept in the glycogen will be launched triggering you to lose a great deal of water weight at the start.

There is a distinction in between slimming down by following the ketogenic diet and by fasting.

If you are simply following the ketogenic diet where you lower your carbohydrates, the optimum you can lose is around 2 pounds of fat weekly if you remain in health.

If you practice periodic fasting every day, just how much can you lose? The optimum you will lose is 1/2 pound each day (0.227 kgs) or 3 1/2 pounds (1.58 kgs) of loss weekly. You will require to have an actually healthy metabolic process to be able to lose that much.

There are lots of aspects that impact just how much weight you will lose while fasting, consisting of:

• Age

• Activity level

• Gender

• Metabolism

• Overall health

• Diet

• Stress level

These variables will identify whether you are going to lose depending upon whether you are fasting or simply following the ketogenic diet or a mix of the 2.

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This short article has been condensed from Dr. Berg’s video: How much weight can I lose by fasting?


Dr. Eric Berg got his doctorate in chiropractic from the Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1988. Dr. Berg is a certified chiropractic physician in Virginia, California and Louisiana, however he no longer practices chiropractic. It concentrates on informing individuals as a full-time activity.

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