These 15 Tricked Out Golf Carts Are Nicer Than Your Car


These souped-up machines are not your average golf carts made for putting around the grass. These tricked out golf carts are the height of luxury and are nicer than most peoples’ cars. Whether you want a tiny vehicle to take off-roading or a futuristic cart that actually hovers above the ground,

these 15 mean looking golf carts are downright impressive.

2Baby Hummer

Photo source: bornrichimages

This is as environmentally friendly as a Hummer can get.
Oversized tires, cast aluminum wheels, and some pretty heavy duty suspension should allow you to take on some serious greens. While it doesn’t have a 6.6 L turbo diesel engine like its bigger brother, you shouldn’t have to worry about getting stuck in the sand pits again with this bad boy.