The Untold Truth Of Donald Trump’s Ex-Wives


For more than a decade, Donald Trump’s messy marriages, and equally messy divorces, from Ivana Trump and Marla Maples were splashed across the pages of tabloids. But what caused the state of these unions to be such a headache for the 45th president of the United States—and such a field day for gossip rags? From affairs to lawsuits, we’re taking a scandalous trip down memory lane to reveal.

What you may not know about Donald’s notorious ex-wives.
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2Ivana got a whole lot of cash in her divorce settlement

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Although the couple’s divorce was announced in February 1990, Ivana and Donald did not reach a settlement until March the following year, due in part to a spat over the couple’s prenuptial agreement. According to The New York Times, the wait paid off for Ivana, who walked away with “$14 million, a 45-room Greenwich, Conn., mansion, an apartment in the Trump Plaza, and the use of the 118-room Mar-a-Lago mansion in Florida for one month a year.” The report also claimed she would receive around $650,000 annually in child support payments. At the time, The New York Times said it was unclear how Donald would come up with the money to pay Ivana, due to his alleged financial troubles.

Despite the settlement, which followed an initial agreement in December 1990, the ex-couple continued to battle it out in court over the next few years. Donald got a gag order re-instated in 1992 to prevent Ivana from talking about their marriage. He also sued Ivana to win back the $25 million she received in cash, property, and other items from their divorce settlement, to which Ivana countersued, according to The New York Times. They reached a settlement in that dispute in May 1993.

Incidentally, in September 2016, amid Donald’s campaign for president, The New York Times and newspaper chain Gannett filed a motion to unseal Donald and Ivana’s divorce records. That motion was denied.